Goodnight Mommy
“The scariest movie of all time is actually just this trailer for a scary movie,” raved GQ when the Goodnight Mommy trailer dropped. “That trailer is so scary that it wasn’t until the third time watching that I realized it was in a different language.”

The Goodnight Mommy trailer was a viral hit, spawning several articles like above (from publications spanning from MTV to Uproxx to the Daily Mail), and even leading the film to be re-released in its native country of Austria, but with the English title—because the American trailer brought the film renewed publicity on its home turf. Austria went on to select it as their national entry for the Academy Awards.

The best part of this story is that the trailer is and always was a greenband. All of the horror came through figuring out the right balance of tempo, tone, music... and two super creepy kids.

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