The Expanse - S4 & S5
When Amazon saved The Expanse—a fan-favorite sci fi series—from cable cancellation, the Prime Video team was tasked with bringing the show’s very vocal fandom to streaming and expanding the audience on a Season 4. Caroline lead development of all AV on Seasons 4 and 5, and worked as part of a team of three to drive all the custom marketing elements on this series, making this intricate, intellectual, character-driven story accessible to newcomers while surprising and delighting fans with Easter Eggs, interactive events, and cast-forward content that met their wants and desires. From an Expanse Drone Show at ReInvent, to a Roci with a real prop pilot chair at NYCC, to an extensive cast-supported Twitch watch-a-thon, we executed custom marketing activations that brought The Expanse out of extinction and into the spotlight.
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creative & strategy
los angeles, ca