The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - S4 On Season 4 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Caroline took on the role of a single-threaded marketing lead, setting overall campaign strategy, identifying reach audiences, establishing the creative tone, and fulfilling the creative development. For the fourth season of this beloved franchise, we wanted to reinvigorate the series. No more pretty pinks and fancy hats—we wanted to get to the core of what makes Midge “Midge”, and bring her attitude and independence front and center. We photographed Midge in extreme close up (a Maisel first) for an Avedon-inspired teaser piece, and set her amid a down-and-dirty downtown backdrop for the payoff. We forewent a fancy premiere and instead took over NYC’s Bryant Park and turned their ice rink pink for a Maisel-themed skate night where we brought fans and talent together for on skates (to the tune of a huge earned media return). We took over NYC’s Plaza Hotel for a month, and made it a haven for fans—complete with a bookable Maisel themed suite and a Maisel tea menu. And we leaned into the look and feel of the early 1960s, and convinced Tupperware to bring back their signature bowls in their original 60s pastel colorway—just like the ones Midge pedals at her own in-show Tupperware party.
AV created with Buddha Jones and Project X. Art created with Bond. Photography by Victoria Will.

creative & strategy
los angeles, ca